Access Your Future Royalties NOW

Itching to tour, but can’t afford the flights?
Need funds for PR, Marketing, Recording & Production?
Looking to press your latest album on vinyl?

With DISTROadvance you could be eligible to access your
future streaming royalties to help fund the next stage in your career.

Boost your career!

DISTROadvance is a specialist royalties prepayment program from DISTROSONIC.
A forward-thinking, independently owned digital distribution and artist services company.
Our data-driven algorithms will analyse your current streaming to check if you are eligible for advance funding.

How Does It Work?

To apply for DISTROadvance follow these simple steps.



Complete your application

Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.


We’ll review your submission

The DISTROadvance team will review your application and if successful, they’ll ask you for access to some extra data points such as your Spotify for Artists account to deep dive into the numbers.



We’ll get in touch with you to provide an offer document, outlining the advance amount and terms.


Acceptance and Payment

Once the offer is accepted by you, and provided your catalogue is distributed by DISTROSONIC, the payment will be in your account within 14 days.


Keep track of your recoup status

Your advance is recouped against royalty earnings each month until re-paid. You can see the progress of your repayments in your payments dashboard.